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Delivery, Installation & Commissioning.

  • The company provides free services for the installation and commissioning of batteries at site within Metro Manila area and nearby provinces.


Provision for service batteries

  • When so required by customers, a battery bank will be made readily available free of charge, as a temporary substitute for defective and damaged batteries even before the customer has purchased new replacement units to avoid disruption of operation. ¬†


After sales service (24-Hour)

  • The Company guarantees to provide a twenty four (24) hour after sales services for repairs of batteries after sale of the same has been consummated.


 Seminars & Consultation

  • The Company provides free seminars and consultation to its customers regarding proper operation and maintenance of batteries to ensure superiority in performance and long life.


Battery Testing

  • With its experience in the field, the Company is highly competent to conduct capacity and performance testing of batteries to determine its reliability and recommend actions for improvement.